Paul Melancon is a composer for film, television, video games, and commercials. He has produced a diverse array of dynamic, emotive scores that can be heard in award-winning independent films around the globe, in advertising campaigns for international businesses, and in collaboration with a variety of television networks including Cartoon Network and MTV.

As an adept multi-instrumentalist and recording artist who has performed across North America, Paul has developed an eclectic style of composition. He has performed and written music for classical orchestras, wind ensembles, jazz groups, rock/metal bands, electronic/chiptune and hip-hop collaborations.

Paul has a deep passion for the film and video game industries as they have influenced his tastes from a young age on. He is an avid collaborator and loves to work with creative filmmakers and developers who share his enthusiasm for crafting exciting and significant entertainment experiences. Paul currently resides in Los Angeles, California.